When does practice start?

Practice for both Football and Cheer begin at 5:30pm on August 1st. 

How often to the teams practice?

This can change from coach to coach but the guidelines can be up to:

  • Flag Football and Flag Cheer: 3-4 practices a week until games start end of August then practice will decrease to 2-3 practices a week and a Saturday game. Practices start at 5:30pm and will end between 7 and 7:30pm.
  • Tackle Football and Tackle Cheer: must do conditioning the first week of practice but since practices do not start on a Monday due to August 1st date the 1st 2 weeks practices will be 5 days a week from 5:30pm - 8pm. Then they will decrease to 4 days a week until games start in end of August, then again will decrease to 3 days a week for the remainder of the season with games every Saturday. Practices will start at 5:30pm and ending times will range from 7:20 - 8pm.

When does the season end?

  • For Flag football the season end Mid-October.
  • For Junior Pee-Wee and below divisions the season ends Late-October.
  • For Pee-Wee divisions and above season can last till Mid-November based on chamionships games. 
  • For Cheer they will end whenever the football team they cheer for division ends their season. 

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes there is. $30 per additional child will be discounted off your registration fees when you register online.